Philosophy of Physics

  • AGPhil - The Webpage of the Philosophy of Physics Working Group of the German Physical Society (DPG)
  • Taking up Spacetime - A Philosophy of Physics Blog by Chris Wüthrich, John Manchack and Chris Smeenk
  • Soul Physics - A Philosophy of Physics Blog by Bryan Roberts (not updated for a while)

Philosophy of Science

  • - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftstheorie (German Society for Philosophy of Science)
  • It's only a theory - Group Blog on General Philosophy of Science


  • The Leiter reports - Blog about philosophy and the prossion of academic philosophy. The place to find out about how the scene works in the USA and (partly) Great Britain. Publishes the "Philosophical Gourmet Report", an internationally recognised listing about which philosophy departments are strongest in which part of philosophy.
  • New APPS - Blog about "Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science". Often has high-quality discussions about the intersections of these areas.


History of Physics

  • The Einstein Papers Project - Researches and publishes the lierary estate of Albert Einstein. The current volume (No.13) is about 1922; still a couple of decades to go! 

History of Science